Episode 1: The Engaging Leader Model

According to our data, the most critical leadership drivers of employee engagement are the following:
  • Establishing direction and shared purpose
  • Demonstrating character and integrity
  • Developing and retaining talent
  • Interacting with others

  This first episode in our Engaging Leader video series will help you understand the fundamentals of what an engaging    leader should be and what characteristics they should have.

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Episode 2: A Deep Dive into the Engaging Leader Model

In In Episode 1 of our video series, you learned about Engaging Leaders and our Engaging Leader Model. But what does it look like when the Model is put into practice?

In this episode of the Engaging Leader video series, we follow ‘Jack’ and ‘Jana’ – both lead their own teams, but each with very different engagement levels within them.

Which one of their teams resembles yours more?

Watch Episode 2 here

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