Aon Hewitt is committed to fostering a better understanding of the target benefit approach and has issued a series of guides that take interested parties through the fundamentals of these plans and present ideas for consideration as the legislative landscape develops in Canada.

These guides, along with Aon Hewitt's target benefit website (, leverage our extensive experience in the design and implementation of such programs. They provide practical insight into what many in the pension industry see as a viable alternative for both plan sponsors and plan members in maintaining sustainable retirement programs in Canada.

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While Aon Hewitt’s first three guides provided the framework for defining target benefit plans, developing the benefits/ funding policy and the governance surrounding these plans, in this fourth guide, we describe the risks and objectives that should be addressed in the investment policy and provide concrete suggestions to help target benefit plan sponsors establish their investment policy.

The third installment in this series tackles governance matters related to these fixed contribution, variable benefit pension designs, taking a close look at key considerations, possible governance alternatives, and options for pension plan sponsors.

Aon Hewitt’s second target benefit guide takes a practical look at the issues surrounding pension benefit affordability and sustainability testing. 

The first in Aon Hewitt’s target benefit series, this guide provides a detailed examination of target benefit plans in the Canadian context. 




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