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Session Descriptions

  1. Health Care Reform: Current State, Future Outlook
  2. A Winning Strategy: The Business Case for Better Health
  3. Staying In the Game, Changing the Rules
  4. Redefining the Role of the Employer
  5. From Learning to Action: Building Your Business Case for Better Health

Health Care Reform: Current State, Future Outlook

Health care reform remains in the forefront heading into an election year and awaiting Supreme Court review. The law continues to demonstrate its potential for major implications—and major opportunities—for employers, employees, and health care providers. We’ll review the current and future reform landscape, as well as discuss reform’s failure to tackle serious health care cost and population health issues. Employers cannot wait for reform to settle to drive forward a strategic plan to address immediate cost and workforce health challenges.

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A Winning Strategy: The Business Case for Better Health

A healthy workforce is critical to business, from both a performance and cost perspective, yet many employers still lack a formal health care strategy. Some hesitate in the face of escalating challenges: rising health care costs and population health risks. Most are ready to advance a strategy given the critical, missing link: connecting workforce health improvement to financial results. Employers have already “trained harder” to control health care costs. We'll share innovative, new approaches for employers to “train smarter” to build and implement a winning strategy and business case to achieve better health and financial results.

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Staying In the Game, Changing the Rules

Many employers are doing things differently to manage costs, essentially “changing the rules” of health benefits. Employees need to engage in healthier lifestyles and take certain actions---or pay significantly more, or perhaps lose eligibility, for the employer-sponsored health plan. Our expert panel—including leading practitioners across wellness, behavior change, and data analytics—will share focused practices to engage and motivate employees to adopt and sustain behaviors that reduce health risks, achieve better health outcomes, and improve your organization’s bottom line.

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Redefining the Role of the Employer

All employers are challenged to empower employees to become better health care consumers. We’ll discuss emerging trends that put employees in the driving seat as consumers of health benefits. From a defined contribution health care approach via corporate and retiree medical exchange models to the increased, more strategic use of elective benefits, life and disability, and absence solutions, we’ll share how employers can redefine their role in health benefits to achieve stronger results now and moving into the next generation of health care.

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From Learning to Action: Building Your Business Case for Better Health

The time is now for employers to create and advance their health care strategy. We’ll share actions you can take to start building your business case today and lead your organization to better health and better results tomorrow.

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Speaker Bios

Speakers vary by forum location.

  1. John Zern
  2. J.D. Piro
  3. Jim Winkler
  4. Dave Mallett
  5. John Moses, PhD
  6. Stephanie Pronk
  7. Ken Sperling
John Zern

John Zern Executive Vice President and the Americas Practice Director for Health & Benefits, is responsible for operational standards, revenue growth, practice strategic direction and professional standards for all Health & Benefits offices throughout the Americas. He has led efforts in enhancing client service and compliance, segmentation and industry strategy, and has built expertise around health care reform---serving as an industry leader, wellness, pharmacy, absence management and clinical capabilities in the Health & Benefits Practice. John serves on the Aon Hewitt and Aon Risk Services Global Executive Committees.

JD Piro

J.D. Piro is a senior vice president at Aon Hewitt, where he leads the Health & Benefits Legal Consulting Group and is a senior member of Aon Hewitt’s Federal Health Care Reform Team. He has worked in the area of ERISA and employee benefits for more than 25 years, helping employers on federal and state compliance issues affecting the design, administration, and funding of employer-provided health care plans.

Jim Winkler

Jim Winkler is a senior vice president and leads the large market segment for Aon Hewitt’s Health & Benefits practice. He works with clients to chart new strategic directions in the wake of health care reform, while helping to develop the firm’s innovative solutions for organizations with 5,000+ employees. Previously, Jim led the firm’s team for global health care design and development, focused on leading-edge development of designs, offers, and consulting tools to assist clients with their domestic and international health and productivity needs.

David Mallett is a senior consultant, data analytics expert, and the health intelligence and the Health Intelligence and Data Forensics team leader for Aon Hewitt. He is a recognized thought leader in creating and implementing both standard and custom data and measurement solutions that ensure a high value and return on investment. Dave brings 15 years of demonstrated accomplishment within the integrated health analytics and measurement arena.

John Moses

John Moses, PhD, a partner, leads Aon Hewitt’s Communication Health Engagement efforts and also serves as a thought leader for behavior change and measurement. With over 25 years of consumer marketing, academic and practical behavioral and motivation experience, he works with clients on issues within health care, employee engagement and motivation, general benefits, and total rewards.

Stephanie Pronk is a senior vice president and leads our national Clinical, Health Improvement, & Measurement team. She combines more than 25 years of experience in developing, implementing, and evaluating health improvement and benefit strategies while using the power of data analytics to provide evidence based health solutions for clients.

Ken Sperling

Ken Sperling is Aon Hewitt's National Health care Exchange Strategy Leader and also responsible for business strategy, thought leadership, and service innovation across Aon Hewitt’s global business. During his 20-year tenure, Ken has served as a Global Health Care Practice Leader and advised many Fortune 500 companies on their health care strategies, and is a respected resource to the Wall Street community on health care market trends. Ken continues to be a key resource on Aon Hewitt’s health care reform team, advising members of Congress and the Administration in the development and implementation of health care reform legislation.